Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Carmen Electra

Carmen went to Ann Weigel Elementary School and and so continued to study dance at Dance Artists dance studio below Gloria J. Simpson, in Western Hills, a locality of Cincinnati. Her mother died of a brain tumor in 1998.  Her older sister Debbie passed away from a heart attack, also in 1998.  She has Irish, German, and Cherokee ancestry.
After that she occasionally appeared as a dancer in Prince's Glam Slam Clubs and also performed in front of the October 28 1996 MTV Rock N' Jock B-Ball Jam audience.Then she appeared in the May 1996 Playboy issue. She made a video called Cheerleaders for Playboy also. Then she got her big break when just three weeks after auditioning for Singled Out she was offered the job. On February 10 1997 she became Co-Host of Singled Out. Since then she has been in many TV and Movie appearances including Good Burger, Loveline, Baywatch, All That, Baywatch Nights and of course Singled Out. Click here to go her Accomplishments Page!She also had a relationship with one of the members of Cypress Hill, B-Real. He was producing her second album appropriately titled, Carmen Electra II.But after the break up who knows what happened to the album. Click here to check out more news on Carmen Electra.

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